Product Design &

The idea moves our mind, the concrete, real, tangible solution
it is the fruit of our action. Product design combined with complete functionality is what we give to our customer.

3D Modeling and Design

Giving shape to ideas is our competence and our strength. Touching reality is the consequence.


Electronic parts have been animating and making our designs and products intelligent for over thirty years.


One hundred measures and one cut is our mantra what animates the path of our simulation.


Design and 3D modeling

Projectstudio is competent in both the design and functional fields, guaranteeing the customer perfect integration. From the concept through the MVP up to the functional prototype, everything is developed using state-of-the-art systems and skills.


Projectstudio and his team use all standard market formats for the documentation of its projects, guaranteeing the client a consistent documentation for the intellectual protection and industrialization phase.


We have been designing and developing digital and analog electronics for over thirty years. We can also create the entire construction part using the latest generation EDA systems, including systems with rigid and flexible multilayer PCBs.

Generative design

The topological design of the mechanical
parts of our projects allows important savings
of raw materials while ensuring compliance with the mechanical strengths and stresses of the components.


Through the use of advanced systems of models also elaborated with Artificial Intelligence, the simulation allows us to be efficient and competent in developing solutions that include machine and deep learning.


Producing prototypes, samples, and even small series is the consequence of the design and development activity. Thanks to our complete laboratory, our customers will quickly have functional prototypes and the finished product destined for the market.


What really happens


The evolution of designing and designing the products that surround our life becomes innovation when they are integrated: functionality, efficiency, and respect for the environment. We know this and take this issue seriously.

The use of state-of-the-art technologies, calculation models, prototyping systems combined with our expertise is the concrete consequence of our value for our customers.



  • CAD, CAM, CAE solutions
  • Electronic components development laboratory
  • Mechanical prototyping laboratory
  • Metrology and simulation laboratory


Every question deserves an answer. We have collected the most frequent here. If what you are looking for is not there, ask us.

Any request is legitimate, here are the most frequent ones here.

The many questions that are addressed to us are dedicated to the technologies adopted, the stages developed, the minimum quantities, the format of the documentation. We have chosen to propose the most frequent ones here for the benefit of all.

Do you only develop the design or do you also take care of the functionality?

What matters is undoubtedly the function that the object we design must be able to guarantee. So behind a modern and ergonomic design, there is also a complete functional study. Our work will finish with the operational test, regulatory compliance, and bio-environmental compatibility part.

If I already have the concept, can you help me make the idea come true?

Indeed, the application of the concept, even if only in the idea phases, is for us the starting point of the path. Giving substance to ideas, the idea, and the MVP that our customer owns is enough to start and create an industrialized object.

I think my idea is innovative, can you help me to patent it?

Projectstudio has in its portfolio many patents developed and filed not only on its own but also by our customers. The path is well known and applied. So not only understand if your idea can be realized but also prepare the documentation for filing a national or international patent with the utmost care of the confidentiality offered.

But what if I just need an MVP?

It is possible to concretely and functionally create a product with minimal functionality. Our complete laboratory in all disciplines completely and internally realizes our client’s MVP.

What if you just want a 3D model?

Thanks to our laboratory, we can print with the additive technologies FDM, SLA, SLS, PoliJet, monochrome, or color with Pantone certification, in rigid or flexible materials and with any geometry any digital format model according to different standards. Everything is also available with the necessary post-processing, whether it is: sandblasting, polishing, and even metal deposition such as conductive copper plating. In addition, the classic laboratory is available with CNC milling up to 4 axes, cutting and bending of organic materials (laser), and cutting and bending of metal materials. There is also the classic foundry with sand and lost wax models.

And if my electronics need a firmware, do you develop it?

Indeed, the design of electronic components that contain processors or computing systems requires functional firmware, which is a component that we have constantly developed. According to the most popular languages ​​and architectures, we can satisfy the customer even in this phase, integrated into the project flow or only as a single proposal.

I would like to update my product for which I have no documentation, can you help me?

Even in the absence of timely documentation for updating a product, we can perform any reverse engineering operation, both hardware, and software, thanks to the advanced laboratory. Thus it is concretely possible to satisfy the customer and produce the accompanying documentation for the future.