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Contact Info

Main headquater

Via Roma, 146 – 18038 Sanremo (IM)
+39 0184 501913


Eesti Headquarter:
Project Studio OÜ – Narva Mantee 5 10117 Tallin Eesti
+372 602 7916

U.S. Subsidiary
Sunnyvale CA, U.S.A.
+1 408 675 9030

German Subsidiary
Himmelsteig 4 – 14163 Berlin  (D)

U.K. contact
+44 20 3287 7536


Get in Touch
+39 0184 501913

Call now: +39 0184 50 19 13

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How to let us know what you need.

You can contact us freely for further information and to expose your requests. The Projectstudio team will provide you with the human resources with the appropriate skills to better respond to your needs.

Can I also contact you by email?

Surely. The contact form is only the first connection with us, while the email is the system normally used to stay in touch and exchange information with us.

Can I also use other communication systems?

Of course, if you want a voice or video contact, you can organize a call either with traditional systems such as the telephone or with an online conference solution using the most popular platforms.

Is the exchange of data and my documents secure?

Any information you wish to share with us takes place on secure platforms and the same are stored by us on secure systems. Of course we can sign any NDA with you if you wish.

Do proposals and estimates have a cost?

Generally not. However, when specific inspections and studies are required for their preparation, any costs incurred by us may be requested in advance.