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Every Project Studio challenge starts from the project. Designing and developing solutions is our job. Differentiated skills combined with the most advanced technology are our daily service at the customer’s service.

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Architecture Engineering Construction

Integrated design, Analisys, Documentattions

Product Design and Manufactoring

Products design, MVP, full funcional prototypes


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Your idea matters, ask us to make it happen

Think to the result, not to the dimension.

Do you think that realizing your idea, asking for the development of an intelligent solution to give shape and concreteness to a need can be impossible, complicated, or expensive? Thinking about the economic dimension of the costs that the result will have is not essential. It is more important to know that there is someone who can bring you to the outcome. Projectstudio was born from a team involved in giving shape to ideas for over thirty years. We are here to help you with cutting-edge skills and techniques. Look at the result, always!

Deepen your dream with us, tell us your idea and your vision. We will work to make what you imagine something unique and authentic.

Get to know us better, find out more, ask us how we can help you.

years of expertise and experience

Completed projects

We have been carrying out projects for over 30 years

Projectstudio was born from the passion and expertise of a team involved in carrying out projects for over thirty years. We want to look at the solution from a different point of view because we are different. Thanks to our tangible work, we are endowed with the curiosity that moves the world and the technical skills that allow us to always dream of what will be. We don’t let ourselves be told if it can be done; we do it! Thanks to a complete laboratory for all the disciplines we offer, we can realize what we think. When it comes to even just the project, we can verify that whoever will make it does it precisely as intended. The scientific method is our guide; innovation has always been our soul.

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Why not travel together?

It is a journey, always having in
mind the objectives towards the result and the final goal.
Why don’t we do it together?
We have collected the most frequently asked questions to get the ticket..

How our proposal works.

Projectstudio deals with integrated design in AEC (Architecture and Construction), MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing), and product design and functionality.

How can I explain what I want?

Direct contact is essential. After we meet, we have a transparent, rapid, and consolidated methodology so that what you have in mind becomes clear to us. Together we could then leave for the journey with the result destination.

How does co-creative collaboration work?

In our work, we always use a co-creative methodology. It means that with shared tools and constantly updated data, our Client will be involved in every critical decision without this engaging him in technical or design issues. Therefore, the result is not born from anything or the designer’s whim but active co-creation.

What does AEC MEP mean?

We have always been involved in architectural design and construction. Our skills are dedicated to the general plant engineering part. It includes civil, industrial, and military plants, mechanical and thermal (M), electrical and electronic (E), and hydraulic (P). The integration with the envelopes of buildings also designed by us allows obtaining energy-advanced building-plant systems, equipped with intelligence, flexible, and fully compliant with the technical standards even in international terms.

I have an idea or a product need, can you help me?

Of course, developing an idea and transforming it into a product is in our doing. Products design, functional design, mechanical parts, electronics, software, when needed, it finds its home internally with us. If you think your idea is unique and innovative, why not patent it? We are holders of many patents also in the international field, and therefore we know how to give your idea the right patent right.

But what if I only need a part of the stages you offer?

Our team, our laboratory, and our technologies are at the service of professionals and professional customers. So from 3D printing to real-world scanning, through surveying with Drones, solid modeling, we can help you, even with hot rental (tools and technicians) in the field.

We can meet?

Surely. After the first phase of analyzing your request, we can meet if necessary. It will not be a problem at your place or in our offices in Sanremo, Berlin, Tallin, London, or San Francisco. We are real in the real world, so the answer is yes.

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